What Silk Wolfe is Doing to be a Better Brand.

What Silk Wolfe is Doing to be a Better Brand.
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It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post for Silk Wolfe, and now with all the spare time that this isolation period has given us, I thought it was time for a new one. For this post I want to focus on the steps that Silk Wolfe is taking, as a brand, to have a positive impact on the environment and community as well as the ways that our newest collection is paving the way for future collections.


Made With Love In Sydney, Australia.

Silk Wolfe is now proudly Australian made and we love being able to support the local economy as well as another small business plus who doesn’t love being able to visit their new collection and seeing the process whenever they want? It makes the whole collection experience so much more exciting.

Our manufacturers expertise covers all aspects of the design and production process which means that we know each collection will be produced to a high standard, and also we are able to know that their workers are treated fairly and paid above minimum wage from start to finish.

picture of our Australian manufacturer


Silk Wolfe & Slow Fashion.

Silk Wolfe has always been a slow fashion brand; launching only one collection a year instead of the minimum of four like most other fashion brands. We do this because we really want to perfect each and every one of our styles so, that you know, when you make a purchase with Silk Wolfe, you have a clothing item that will last for years to come instead of one wear.

Also we are very happy to announce that we are working with a manufacturer who does not require minimums, meaning we are able to release styles with limited stock and sizes to ensure that we create as little waste as possible. This also means that we can then focus our energy and time on the styles that you want to see more of.

Currently we are working out the best way we can use our offcuts as well so we can create even less wastage. We are going through them and deciding which can be made into smaller products, I.e. scrunchies and also are thinking of offering mini samples to our customers so that you can feel the fabric before you make a purchase.

Our Silk Wolfe founder Charis Pixie wearing the Smell The Roses Shirt Dress


Silk Wolfe & Sustainability.

Silk Wolfe’s newest collection, and all future collections, will be made from sustainable fabrics. We want to have a positive impact where possible and love that there are many options when considering an eco-friendly material.

Our newest collection is made from LENZING™ ECOVERO™ viscose fibres which are derived from certified renewable wood sources using an eco-responsible production process which meets high environmental standards. Not only does it have a positive impact, it also feels amazing on the skin, hardly creases and is extremely breathable.

Picture of the Magnolia Maxi Skirt


Silk Wolfe & Packaging.

Silk Wolfe has always used eco friendly packaging where possible.

Firstly, we use O packs (made from limestone off-cuts from the building industry which were bound for landfill but rescued and turned into packaging) and comPOLY bags (made from cornstarch and can be composted at home) both from Better Packaging.

Secondly, we use No Issue tissue paper and stickers who provide a premium packaging solution that doesn’t harm the environment through using soy-based ink and acid free FSC certified tissue. A tree is also planted for every order created.

Thirdly, with our newest and all future collections, our swing tags are made from seeded paper which is sourced from office waste paper and printed with vegetable based inks.

photo of some of the packaging options that Silk Wolfe uses


Silk Wolfe & Community.

At Silk Wolfe we’re always looking for ways that we can serve and support our community and allow our customers to do the same. That’s why we donate $1 from every sale to a charity of your choice* through i=change.

*charities Silk Wolfe is currently supporting are:
- Feed Aussies in Crisis
- Protect A Woman
- Stop Child Marriage

Silk Wolfe also wears to be as transparent and open with our customers as possible and we are constantly thinking of new ways that we cab achieve this. One idea is to tell you all the cost breakdown for each piece from the new collection so that you can see where we’ve spent money when it comes to the production process. Please let us know in the comments if you have any further thoughts on this.




  • Nicholas de Gorter: May 14, 2020

    I like what you are doing to support sustainable efforts, every bit counts towards a better future 😊

  • Kyra: May 14, 2020

    Absolutely love the concept of using off-cuts to make matching accessories and to send to customers to feel before they by!
    Incredibly innovative and great way to reduce your footprint 👌

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