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I’ve lived in Sydney, Australia for over 10 years so when I started the design process for my new capsule collection I knew I wanted to hero and support the place I now call home whilst also focusing on sustainability and having a positive impact on the environment.

Having my new styles made closer to home also meant that I could be even more involved in the design process and ultimately be able to create the perfect design.

When working out the styles that I wanted to create, I decided to figure out what were my favourite pieces in my wardrobe and ask myself why I continue to wear them year after year. I also knew I wanted at least two styles that could be mixed in with the original collection. I sketched out some ideas, knowing I wanted to create a tie dye print as it’s one of my recent obsessions and definitely isn’t going out of fashion anytime soon. From there I decided on a shift dress (something you can throw on and still look and feel fabulous in), a shirt dress (every wardrobe needs one of these as they are so versatile), another skirt (but this time with an elasticated back and definitely pockets), and another top (I love floaty sleeves at the moment).

Next came the inspiration behind the styles, colours used and the designs created. I often find a lot of inspiration in nature and for this collection I felt an instant connection with flowers. I love the structure but also delicate nature of petals which is something I wanted to portray. This is probably seen most in the shirt dress as it has a structured collar and cuff and then has a beautiful feminine drape. When deciding on the type of tie dye I wanted I also looked at the colours found in petals and how there can be so many different shades. I found my graphic designer on Instagram and from there I sent across my colour palette and the style I wanted. I am so happy with the results, I love the clean white background and then the pops of pink throughout allowing the colours to really stand out from the fabric. 

I also took the flower inspiration that little bit further by sourcing seeded paper swing tags. I really want the customer to have a full experience from their limited edition design that they purchase plus it adds a fun element as well.

I then started the design process by heading to a sustainable fashion expo where I met the owner of Sustainable Textiles and it was from here that I began the first step; finding the perfect fabric.

I ended up having to change my initial fabric choice but decided to keep my original inspiration behind the collection and, after a one on one meeting where I got to feel and see in person all the different fabrics, I decided upon LENZING™ ECOVERO™ viscose. This viscose is sustainable, soft to touch, breathable and not too sheer which is exactly what I was looking for.

I ultimately wanted to give consumers the confidence that their fashion choices can be environmentally responsible and have a low environmental impact whilst they still look and feel amazing in their new pieces.

Once the fabric was picked my manufacturer and printer were both recommended to me. They are both based in Sydney which I loved plus my manufacturer doesn’t have minimums so I was able to create a capsule collection with limited styles and sizes and produce less waste. Plus with everything that is currently happening, I am so glad that I can support a small Australian business during this time and also have the freedom to pick up my pieces in person, avoiding shipping restrictions and delays. 

Even though it is more expensive to have pieces made in Australia (which is reflected in the price of the new collection) I love being able to visit my factory, explain changes and details in person and actually have discussions about how we can improve certain styles.

I also love working with sustainable fabrics, I find that they are even softer than other fabrics I’ve worked with plus they have a positive impact on the environment too which is a massive plus when purchasing a fashion item.

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