Manufactured in Sydney

Silk Wolfe is now proudly manufactured in Sydney, Australia and I love being able to support the local economy as well as release pieces that have been created in the place I now call home. 

The new Silk Wolfe manufacturer has over 25 years of experience in fashion, design, development, marking, eduction and offshore trade practices. Their fashion expertise ranges from all aspects of design process to production so I, as a business owner, knows how the new styles are being made, how the workers are treated from start to finish of the whole process, and I can be sure that the quality of the new garments is perfect. 

They first became established in 2016 with a focus on producing high quality Australian made fashion through working with pattern makers, machinists, and suppliers to deliver to that standard. 

Like Silk Wolfe, they are a small Australian business, and I have loved being able to support others similar to me throughout this process. Another important factor that was key when looking for the perfect manufacturer was to make sure that their workers are being treated fairly, paid a proper wage and are generally happy where they work. The workers are paid above award wage, have three compulsory breaks per shift, work no longer than 7.5 hour days and only work 5 days a week. 

In light of the current covid-19 situation, workers are also encouraged to work from home where possible. 


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