At Silk Wolfe we believe in being as sustainable and as environmentally friendly as possible. 
That's why we have partnered with three amazing companies so that we can provide eco-friendly packaging for all of our amazing customers and together we can make an impact when it comes to climate change.

Seeded Paper Swing Tags

Their aim is to encourage and participate in paper recycling and to supply products that can be used for powerful environmental messages. All the paper they make is 100% recycled and produced from only waste paper that is sourced from offices around Australia. They print with vegetable based inks and predominantly use seeds of Australian native trees and flowers so that they are appropriate for the climate and are not dependant on large quantities of water.



Tissue Paper and Stickers

No Issue  provide a premium packaging solution that doesn't harm the environment through using soy-based ink and acid free FSC certified tissue. A tree is planted for every order created. 

Postage Bags 

Our postage bags are O Packs from Better Packaging made from limestone off-cuts from the building industry which were bound for landfill but rescued and turned into packaging.
The process uses only renewable solar power, zero water, acid or bleaches and created zero pollution and greenhouse emissions. 
These bags can be recycled with your soft plastic or with a little sunlight and time will eventually return to dust.

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